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Presenting Our New Laser for Periodontal Treatment: the Millennium PerioLase

millenium laser

Recently, we acquired the newest technology available for periodontic care; the Nd:YAG Millennium PerioLase. This is the latest generation of the Nd:YAG laser and it’s designed specifically to treat periodontal disease.

The new pulsed Nd:YAG laser can be used to safely remove the sulcular lining of periodontal pockets without damaging the subjacent connective tissue at the light of microscopic level.  Laser periodontal therapy specifically targets the highly pathogenic black pigmented bacteria and is able to vaporize these bacteria safely because of a very rapid 1/10,000th of a second pulse that allows the tissue to cool 99.8% of the time. Tests have shown that 80 percent of sections showed 100 percent epithelium removal without damage to connective tissues. In a six-month follow-up study of laser treated subjects versus conventional surgery patients, researchers noted equal pulp vitality, gingival index, pocket depth reduction, and P. gingivalis and P. intermedia (periodontal pathogens) bacteria levels for both treated groups.

A newly developed procedure known as LANAP, (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure), is an FDA-approved procedure performed by the PerioLase. The objective of LANAP laser therapy is pocket reduction achieved by establishing a new connective tissue attachment to the tooth at a more coronal level. The LANAP procedure involves an environment in which new bone, cementum and the PDL can form on a previously diseased root surface. LANAP allows us to treat periodontal disease in a minimally invasive procedure that eliminates the need, in most cases, for conventional blade surgery (osseous and flap surgery).

Clinical advantages of the PerioLase:

  1. Efficiency & Precision
  2. Selective photo-thermal ablation
  3. Deeper Penetration/Aids in removing tarter
  4. Stimulates regeneration of tissue
  5. Neutralizes endotoxins/Bactericidal
  6. Hemostasis/Less sensitivity
  7. Quicker healing/Minimally invasive for optimum patient comfort

In addition to the clinical benefits, the PerioLase laser treatment is also great for patients who have medical problems requiring drugs such as Plavix or Coumadin. Patients do not have to discontinue usage of these drugs with this laser therapy. These benefits make it ideal for patients who are fearful of conventional periodontal scaling and surgery. Of course, maintenance visits and good plaque control will be necessary following laser treatment.

Documentation and research have been published in the Journal of Periodontology since 1992.

Laser Priodontal Therapy Can Be Life Changing

For patients who are concerned about conventional blade surgery to treat periodontal disease, the new laser treatment can be a life-changing event. Patients are able to preserve their natural teeth, enhance their smile, and avoid the potentially life-threatening systemic effects of untreated periodontal disease.

Treatment Procedure


1.  Periodontic probe indicates excessive pocket depth
2. Laser removes bacteria and diseased tissue
3. Hand instrumentation/Piezo scaler are used to clean the root surface
4. Blood clots the pockets and keeps the epithelium from growing back
5. Soft tissue and bone begin to reattach to the clean root surface
6. Occlusal trauma is adjusted (if needed)
7. Healthy sulcus

Other Treatment Lasers

Our office now has two lasers for periodontal treatment: the new Nd:YAG Millennium PerioLase and the DEKA Ultra Speed CO2. Each has its own distinct wavelength and each is better suited for certain procedures. For instance, the Nd: YAG Millennium PerioLase may be used for operculectomies, periodontal abscess debridement, fibroma removal, as well as periodontal disease treatment.

The CO2 laser has specific advantages for certain periodontal procedures, including frenulectomys, reduction of gingival hyperplasia, vaporization of mucosa during implant recovery, coagulation of donor sites following soft tissue autografting, papilloma removal, and for crown lengthening. The CO2 laser is well suited for periodontics because of its ability to produce hemostasis during and after surgery; to reduce post-surgical pain, swelling, and scarring while decreasing surgical time.

We appreciate your commitment to great dental care and consider your patient referrals our highest priority. We welcome your questions about this new periodontal therapy.

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