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SPS hopes to work as an extension of your office.  This program introduces our practice philosophies and methods of treatment.  We hope it will act as springboard for discussion of comprehensive care and how it could benefit both your patients and your practice.

Periodontal Disease – Establishing Protocol
As with treatment of any disease, having a strict protocol in place for diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease is the standard of patient care.  Through establishing a systematic approach and using specific criteria, your office will better identify this patient in your practice and be able offer appropriate care.

Intro to Contemporary Perio Procedures
Our office prides itself on offering your patients an alternative to traditional and antiquated approaches to patient care. This presentation provides an introduction to the most current and minimally invasive procedures in periodontology today.

Implant Coordinator Training
Dental implant restoration should be one of the most straight forward patient treatment requiring little chair time.   However without a dedicated implant coordinator in the office and without seamless communication from your periodontist this may not be the case.  This lecture is designed to help train your team how to simplify dental implant therapy in your practice.

Dental Implant Therapy
SPS utilizes cbct technology in conjunction with both soft and hard tissue grafting to make even the most difficult cases a success. This program showcases both simple and complex dental implant therapies as well as highlighting aspects of treatment planning for implant cases.

Current Concepts in Root Coverage Technology
Historically patients with gingival recession have only been offered cervical restoration to mask the issue; or worse, painful palatal gingival grafting procedures.  This program demonstrates the most current and effective ways to treat gingival recession utilizing the most minimally invasive approaches.

Laser Treatment for Periodontal Disease
Laser periodontal therapy offers the patient a scalpel free approach in treating their disease.  This alternative to traditional surgical methods is a reality for many periodontal patients and shown to be effective in even the most severe cases.  This lecture outlines this new approach to patient care and will help your office identify a patient that might benefit from laser treatment.

Smile Therapy
Smile enhancement is one of the most exciting and gratifying interdisciplinary treatment we can offer our patients.  Successful cases often require a surgical component prior to the restorative phase of care.  This lecture outlines diagnosis, treatment planning and procedures required to achieve ideal outcomes.

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